Like the gold rush of the 18th century and the industrial revolution of the 20th century, digitalization is shaping business in the current decade. Selling online is no longer a prediction. Today, it is a reality that your business success lies in your ability to reach out to customers in the virtual space.  Selling only on your brick and mortar store will not help you achieve your company and life goals.

However, while everyone is rushing to sell electronics and other products online, there are several facts you need to know. Realizing these facts – myths – will enable you to make conscious decisions and determine whether this is a worthy venture or not. Here are the top 3 myths about selling electronics online:

Electronics are in high demand. So, no need to market them

One of the myth you will come across when you venture online is that there’s no need to do marketing. If you venture on electronic selling, you will get customers without any efforts. Wow…. Isn’t that a good idea? Well, if you think this is the reality, then, you are in for a rude shock.

The fact is that electronic niche is highly competitive. So, for you to make a sale, you must go an extra mile of intensive marketing. It is only through this process you can ever make a profit. However, if you desire to lose your cash,  go and launch your online store and relax.

Customer engagement is not crucial

Whether you are selling electronics in a physical or an online store, one thing remains unchanged – you are dealing with humans. As you know, humans are not robots or machines. They are social beings. In this essence, if you have to make a sale, interacting and engaging with your customers is not optional.

Remember, online stores are lifeless. So, it is your responsibility to blow life in them by offering consistent engagement with the customers. Hence, customer engagement is a pillar for any successful online shop electronic selling included.

Current customer reviews are not necessary.

Unless you are from another planet, you have at one time purchased after reading other customers’ reviews or receiving a recommendation from peers. Like you, your online customers will make purchase decisions depending on what they hear and read. Thus, when selling electronics online, ensure you have a customer feedback and review page. Otherwise, you will be missing a large number of sales without it.